An Ambassador is someone who accurately represents another person or group, and speaks on their behalf. Become an Ambassador for First Step by telling others about us. As you share our message, you never know if you are talking to a future client or supporter, so talk to everyone!

  1. Be a Church Liaison to share First Step with your church or group. Be the direct link of communication between your pastor/priest/elder and First Step, keeping them informed of fundraisers, events, legislation, prayer needs, etc.
  2. Share on Social Media. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., Like and Share about First Step to keep enlarging our circle of friends. 
  3. Host a House Party by inviting a few friends to your home for a brief presentation by the First Step Director (or other staff member), who will share the mission and vision of First Step, answer questions, and invite guests to be involved. It is a casual, fun and personal way to learn more about First Step.

To become an Ambassador for First Step, contact David at